• Stripperfest 14    saturday, august 27,2016 oN THE bORDER, FRANKLIN, WI​

​World Championship of Exotic Dance round information:

WCED is a 1 round competition with competitors allowed up to 10 minutes

Note:  The World Championship of Exotic Dance Division is open to exotic dance industry professionals, award winning competitors along with performers in various forms of exotic dance.

Queen of the Pole Division round information:

QOP is a 2 round competition:

•             First Round performance can be up to 3.00 minutes long (top 5 scores move to the final round)

•             Final Round performance can be up to 5.00 minutes long (for those that move on from First Round)

Note:  The Queen of the Pole Division is open to any and all industry professionals ranging from accomplished pole competitors and performers to Instructors to touring feature acts that utilize pole dance in their acts.

Hottest Stripper Division round information:

Round 1 – contestant will have 10-30 seconds to stroll down the stage and back wearing a Little Black Dress

Round 2 – contestant will have 10-30 seconds to stroll down the stage and back wearing a Bikini
Round 1 and scores are combined for a total score.  The Top 6 Scores Move to the Final Round
Final Round – finalists will have up to 4 minutes, costume or outfit only, No Props
In the event of a TIE FOR FIRST PLACE in the Final Round, the scores round 1 and 2 will (on the score sheets) will be compared and the higher will be announced the winner

Note:  The Hottest Stripper Division is open to performers who are new to performing and/ or competitions.  Any entertainer who has had more than 6 bookings or performance engagements is not eligible- SKINDUSTRY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO RESTRICT A COMPETITOR FROM COMPETING IN THE HOTTEST STRIPPER DIVISION BASED ON PREVIOUS AWARDS, ACCOLADES OR COMPETITION TITLES / EXPERIENCE.